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Eventor takes care of invitations, enrolments and reports. No e-mail chaos! Eventor is a perfect tool for event overseeing. Using Eventor site and enrolment system you can easily control whole event by yourself or via our support while saving both time and money as you won’t have to deal with dozens, hundreds or even thousands of e-mails manually.

Eventor Collects Enrollments

Create a page for your event easily and reliably. Was it a small meeting or an event of thousands? Eventor collects all enrolments and reports to you. Also preliminary questionnaires and feedback can be easily done using the same event page. You can always modify your event using the maintenance panel.

Send a Link to Your Participants

Send a link to your participants for example via e-mail. Using the link all participants get to the enrolment page. Participation is also easily done using your phone! Through their enrolment participants may easily modify their participation or cancel their attendance without having to call or write an e-mail to you. No more e-mail chaos!

Save Final Reports

Eventor collects enrolments and other information to its database where you can easily follow your event in real time. After the enrolment process there is a list of participants ready for you. In case of catering there is well-arranged list of choices and allergies. All reports are savable and printable in .pdf format. You can collect other valuable information via questionnaires or feedback.


Eventor has been developed using 30 years of experience in event management business. New features are being developed all the time, therefore we guarantee to meet your needs at the best. Our customers are both sizeable international concerns as well as small individual events.

Corporate Sport Day

-700 participants
-20 different activities
-Maintenance of participation
-Individual choice of activities

International Schooling Event

-350 participants
-Maintenance of participation
-Preliminary forms and feedback

Tool for an Event Management Business

-5 years of experience
-Maintenance of participation
-Preliminary forms and feedback

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